Routinely washing your car does more than just keep it looking great. It also protects your car's exterior from corrosive materials that build up over the year and can damage your car's body and its resale value. To ensure that your car stays in the best shape possible, here are four smart car-washing practices to follow from the Service department at Bill Walsh Automotive.

Use the right products

When washing the interior and exterior of your vehicle, avoid using household cleaning agents such as hand soap, all-surface cleaners, and glass cleaners. These products are not made for use on vehicles and can do more harm than good.

Instead, always use specialized car-care products on your vehicle. These products are specifically formulated to protect your vehicle's paint without stripping any protective wax from the exterior. Inside, use only specialized upholstery cleaners on your vehicle's seats and other surfaces.

Wait for good weather

You may be tempted to wash your car when it is especially hot out or even when it's raining, but it's best to wait until extreme heat or wet weather has passed before washing your car. Excessive heat will cause your car to dry off too quickly, which can lead to streaking, while rain will wash off your cleaner and leave mineral deposits on your vehicle's body.

Avoid air drying

You might think that a spin around the block would be a good way to dry your vehicle, but this will cause watermarks to appear on your car's body. Instead, you should use a chamois or terry cloth to remove all excess water without scratching your car's paint.

Clean tires and body separately

Make sure you have several sponges and towels on hand, because the sponge you use to clean your car's tires should be different from the one you use to clean your car's body. Tires often collect sand, dirt, and small rocks that could cling to your sponge and damage your car's body.

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