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How to Repair a Cracked Windshield - Bill Walsh Automotive - Ottawa, IL

How to Repair a Cracked Windshield

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, it isn’t just annoying, it can make driving dangerous. So, it’s important to fix your windshield as soon as possible, though getting it done professionally is easier said than done, especially when you have to get the whole windshield replaced, and you are unsure if your insurance company might not even pay for it. But there is another option: repairing it yourself.
Depending on the type of crack, it’s actually not difficult to repair it yourself. You can buy a windshield repair kit for as little as $10, which has everything you need to fix your windshield yourself. Once you have that, you can get to work.
First, you want to make sure you start with a dry windshield so that no water gets trapped in the repaired crack. The problem with moisture getting into your windshield is that it can cause a cloud that obscures your visibility even more than the crack does. So make sure it’s fairly clean and, again, totally dry--if you have to dry it off with a hair dryer, do it.  You should also try to do the repair in a garage where you have some control over the climate, and make sure the windshield is as close to room temperature as possible before repairing the crack.
Follow the instructions in your repair kit from here, which will vary slightly by kit. All of the kits available use some kind of acrylic to fill the hole, which dries clear, so it looks, at best, like the crack was never there. Loctite has a kit that involves using a syringe to vacuum out the air under an adhesive strip, while another kit on the market comes with liquids you mix together and force into the crack.
Of course, there are also services that will do minor windshield repairs for you, if you’d rather not take the risk of fixing it yourself. Either way, give us a call at Bill Walsh for advice on what your next steps should be.


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