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How to Be Efficient With Your Driving - Bill Walsh Automotive - Ottawa, IL

Driving Efficiently - Bill Walsh Automotive - Ottawa, IL

Although there are some things in life that are out of your automotive control such as gas prices, you can control your driving habits, especially when it comes to making your driving as efficient as possible. Here are some tricks of the trade that will help you save money at the gas pump.

Check Tire Pressure


Keeping your tires at the correct pressure is important for many reasons, including safety and efficiency. If your tries are under-inflated, they’re using up more fuel than necessary. Get in the habit of checking your tire pressure at least once a month.


Stop Idling


If you let your car idle for more than a minute, you’re needlessly wasting gas and polluting the air. Turning off and on your engine will use less gas than idling for over a minute.


Clean Out Your Car


Are you in the habit of using your trunk as more of a storage unit than a mode for temporary transportation? It may seem convenient to leave your old television in the trunk for now, but every 100 pounds added to a vehicle’s weight can reduce efficiency by one to two percent.


Use Cruise Control


If you’re driving on the highway regularly, cruise control can help you maintain a constant speed along the way. Not only will this help you avoid speeding and the tickets that follow, it will also help regulate your vehicle’s gas consumption.


Listen to Your Owner’s Manual


It may not be as fun to read as the Sunday morning comics, but your owner’s manual is full of useful information designed to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Follow its recommended schedules for oil changes, air filter changes, and check-ups to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.


For more tips on how to keep your car running at its best, stop in at Bill Walsh Hub.

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