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Scorpion Bed Liners

Spray In Liner(2)
This is the fading problem you'll face with NON-Scorpion liners. After a short period of time, your truck bed will look faded and the application looks like frosting instead of tough and clean.

Scorpion Custom Spray In Bed Liners are the ONLY environmentally friendly spray in liner because they don't require the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals like Isocynanates and Tolene.

Scorpion is also the ONLY spray in liner with both UVA and UVB protectants so that your liner is GUARANTEED NOT TO FADE (like the one shown!)...for LIFE.

We also guarantee any repairs that are necessary to your liner for LIFE.

PLUS, we'll install our Scorpion Liners in new trucks OR used trucks. We'll even install it in a truck you've had for awhile that you want a little more life out fact, we'll install our Scorpion Liners in your ATV, Gator, Boat or Trailer....and every application has the LIFETIME warranty.
Call us today for more information and installation details at 800-588-6015.
Here is another example of what a NON-Scorpion liner will look like in your truck. Bill Walsh Scorpion liners are the most chemically complex bedliner in the industry which is why they're environmentally friendly and why THEY HOLD UP OVER TIME!

Only trust your truck to the people that sell the truck and the people that can back it. Scorpion Liners is a company trusted by some of the biggest companies in America for their own truck fleets including Orange County Choppers and UPS.

Call us today for more information and installation details at 800-588-6015.

Bill Walsh Scorpion Spray In Bed Liners are applied and installed ONLY by certified, factory trained body shop technicians, NOT by hourly employees who are just learning the ropes.
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You can see the difference in the nice, even application (left picture) that's exact all the way through the truck bed and the heavy abuse areas of the box floor and wheel housings. We demand an exacting application process that looks terrific, but has the traction and durability you want.

Our technicians go through hours upon hours of training and their work is certified by the manufacturers of your trucks. They have invested in their careers and the care they take in their work shows.

Bill Walsh is the ONLY body shop in the area that is year-after-year certified as the only Body Shop in the area with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

These are the types of professionals you want installing your spray in bed liner....people who TECHNICALLY know your truck inside and out, NOT someone who has seen your truck in passing a few times.
Call us today for more information and installation details at 800-588-6015.
Because Bill Walsh has the ONLY factory authorized Body Shop in the area with a computerized paint match and mixing system designed in tandem with the manufacturer and the paint company, Bill Walsh Scorpion Liners are also the ONLY liner that can be matched to the factory color code of your truck....a factory paint code match. The truck to the right was done by our Body Shop in General Motors Victory Red / Color Code 74U...not just any old red.

And where Rhino Liner will charge you $500 to spray a color you have to pick out of a sample book, Bill Walsh and Scorpion will give you a factory color code match for just $300!

If your truck is Victory Red, then your bed will be Victory Red...NOT JUST RED. If your truck is Cool Vanilla, then your bed will be Cool Vanilla...NOT WHITE. If your truck is Deep Ruby Metallic, then your bed will be Deep Ruby Metallic...NOT MAROON. You get the picture. No matter what the manufacturer WE HAVE THE FACTORY COLOR CODE. No matter where you bought your truck or if you bought it new OR used....WE HAVE THE FACTORY COLOR CODE.
Spray In Liner 4(2)
If that's not good enough news for you, a Bill Walsh Scorpion Liner is almost A HUNDRED DOLLARS LESS than Rhino and has a LONGER GUARANTEE and a MORE THOROUGH, PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION.
Call us today for more information and installation details at 800-588-6015.

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