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Why Your Car in Chicago Needs an Oil Change

One of the most common services that any vehicle needs to undergo is an oil change. Changing your vehicle’s oil is essential to keeping it in top shape. Everybody knows the importance of routinely changing oil, as it’s one of the oft-cited pillars of good car care. However, what fewer people understand is the reason why you need to change your oil so often and what will happen if you don’t. Understanding why oil changes are essential is key to understanding why the service is so vital to the health of one’s vehicle.
An oil change is the process of removing old oil from the engine of your vehicle and replacing it with new oil. This process should be performed on a routine basis. However, unlike many drivers have been led to believe, there is no one amount of time that is needed to change the oil. The old adage of changing your oil every 3,000 miles is not absolute. Rather, the interval between oil changes is unique to each vehicle, and you should familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s recommended amount.
Now that we understand when to change oil, it is important to explore why to change oil. Changing oil can benefit your vehicle in a number of ways. Fresh oil helps the components of your engine run smoothly to provide optimal performance. Fresh oil can also help remove heat from the engine, thus preventing overheating in the most important part of your car. Finally, an oil change can prevent the accumulation of carbon and other materials inside your engine.​ 
So what could happen if you don’t routinely change your oil? Those materials can begin to clog up the parts of your engine, your engine could begin to overheat, and the components of your engine will not function properly. In short, an engine without fresh oil is one that will not be working properly at all!
Now that you know why changing your oil is so important, make it a routine to perform the process in order to keep your vehicle healthy.​ 
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